A little insight into the person behind the camera...

Katie Whitburn

LSWPP Licentiate Qualified  -  BA (Hons)  -  LMPA Licentiate Qualified


"Love what you do and do what you love. Imagination should be the centre of your life"

(Ray Bradbury)




Hi! I'm Kate, director and lead photographer at Still Light Photography.

I live in Kidderminster with my beagle, Jack, and two troublesome cats called Leo and Holly. 

When I'm not photographing weddings (or other things) you'll usually find me travelling to the next place on my ever-growing bucket list. I love to explore the world and learn about different cultures and places. I enjoy swimming and cycling and have taken part in a few local triathlons to raise money for charity. I'm also a keen horse rider and I used to be a riding instructor; horses are still very much a part of my life in both my photography and my free time.

So, enough about me! Here's why I do what I do...


The quote at the top of this page sums up the way I live my whole life really, and why I chose photography as my career. Photography has always been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. The ability to freeze a moment in time fascinated me and it still does.

I actually began my photography career taking photographs of anything but people! I was very arty and creative as a child and this led me onto studying Fine Art Photography at the University of Gloucestershire. It wasn't until I was persuaded into shooting a wedding for a friend of a friend that I realised just how much this suited me and how much I loved it.

Photographing weddings is about more than just taking photographs. It's about making connections, building relationships, capturing emotions, providing a calming influence. It's about emotion and memories and love. I embrace all of this in how I work and I absolutely love being invited to share somebody's most important day.



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