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Weddings 1 - Covid 0!

Lauren & Ryan's intimate wedding at Moor Hall Hotel

What a whirlwind of a time Lauren and Ryan had planning their wedding smack bang in the middle of a global pandemic! Originally due to get married in April this year, I heard the awful news shortly after the first lockdown was announced that their spring wedding was unable to go ahead and that they had moved their date to 28th November 2020 (today actually - as I write this blog, I should have been at Lauren's home with her as she got ready for her wedding day.

Of course, most of November was then locked down again due to the growing numbers of coronavirus cases, meaning, heartbreakingly, that Ryan and Lauren were again faced with postponing their big day. I remember how upset this lovely bride and groom were when faced with their first postponement, so I was gutted for them that they were dealing with this for a second time.

However, amazingly, I received a phone call from Ryan on Monday 2nd November - 2 days before lockdown. It went something like this...


"Kate, are you free tomorrow?

Because if you are, we can get married then. It's all sorted with the church and the venue.

We just want to get married and we decided we don't want to postpone again."


I mean, wow! Happily, I was available and so off I went to Lauren's Mum's house the next morning to photograph her getting ready before we headed over to St Thomas' Church in Garretts Green. The ceremony was originally supposed to be at Moor Hall Hotel, where the couple held their reception, however due to registrar availability, they couldn't have their legal ceremony there at such short notice. Incredibly, after calling all of the local churches, St Thomas' agreed with less than 24 hours to go, to be the place where Lauren and Ryan would say their vows.

It was great to see that they had managed to keep a lot of their suppliers, including two beautiful vintage VW vehicles to transport them to the church, courtesy of Nothing But Wedding Cars, gorgeous bouquets and buttonholes from Lily Jones Flowers and hair and makeup for Lauren by Artico Salon and Sarah Hunston. To see how so many people has come together and made this happen for them was so heartwarming and really brought it home what an amazing community the wedding industry is.

After the ceremony Lauren, Ryan and their 15 guests travelled over to Moor Hall for their intimate reception which included afternoon tea, a Mr and Mrs game, wedding quizzes, some lovely speeches and a beautiful slideshow made up of messages from guests who were originally meant to be attending but couldn't due to number restrictions. The venue and decor suppliers (Sorella Events) has done a fantastic job of decorating the room so it looked beautiful and cosy, and in no way empty due to the reduced guest numbers.

I took the bride and groom off around the venue after some very cold but very fun family photographs down in the sunken garden, and we got some gorgeous autumnal shots outside as well as getting creative with some off camera flash indoors. The day simply flew by and I couldn't believe it when I looked at my watch and saw it was nearing 10pm and time for their first dance which would call an end to the celebrations.


So today, I should have been photographing Lauren and Ryan's wedding. But instead of feeling sad that they didn't get to go through with it, I'm able to post these gorgeous images of what was an absolutely wonderful day, made even better by the sheer determination of the people who made it happen. 



Dress - Adele Louise Bridal

Suits - David Aitchison

Hair - Artico Salon

Make up - Sarah Hunston MUA

Cake - Celebration Cakes

Flowers - Lily Jones Flowers

Venue Decor - Sorella Events

Bridesmaids Dresses - David's Bridal

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Proof that Small Intimate Weddings are Amazing  

A Gorgeous Intimate Wedding at The Mill Barns, Alverley

Despite weddings that are allowed to go ahead being very small and restricted at the moment, Amanda and Ashley proved that the best things really can come in small packages with their amazing barn wedding in Worcestershire.


Amanda and Ashley first booked me for their wedding back in early 2019, when Covid-19 wasn't even heard of and weddings of 150+ people were the norm. Little did any of us know while we were shooting their engagement session in the confetti fields in August 2019 that their originally planned date of July 2020 sadly wouldn't be going ahead.

Times have been super tough this year but one thing I have learned from some of my 2020 couples is that, if you are determined and you really want something to happen, you'll make it happen.

I've had couples move their weddings to next year and beyond in the hope that numbers will be back up by then. I've had couples bring their wedding forward to avoid lockdown, I've even had weddings rearranged with less than 24 hours notice! It's been an absolute whirlwind of a year, nothing like the one I (or any of us) expected.


I count myself very lucky that I've still been able to photograph some incredible weddings, made all the more special by the sheer determination and resilience of the people who made them happen.


These guys were one of those couples who decided to bring their wedding forwards, after initially postponing to November (a VERY good call in hindsight!). This meant that there wasn't much time to get all the plans into place, and that some of their suppliers were unable to make it. Amazingly, The Wedding House stepped in to transform this already beautiful venue into Amanda and Ashley's vision. And what a vision it was! I know a lot of couples worry that with smaller numbers their venue will look empty, or it won't feel as special or impressive, but trust, me, it will look every bit as magical as you envisage if you have the right team behind you. Here's proof right here.  


Mr & Mrs Smith...

Amanda and Ashley had a beautiful intimate ceremony with their 15 guests against the floor to ceiling windows finished by a gorgeous flower arch courtesy of The Wedding House, and with wonderful music from the ladies from Capriccio Quartet. Yes, face masks were worn, but it didn't take away anything from the day or the photographs - it's all part of their wedding story and embracing these things rather than fighting them is definitely the right way to go. We even had a "face mask photo" outside afterwards, to mark the occasion!

I could write pages on this wedding, not only because it was so beautiful in itself, but because it was the first time in a good while that I have felt like me again. Remembering why I love what I do so much.

Doing what I love, getting creative, being surrounded by positive people. It's what life is all about.

I'm going to leave you with some of my favourites from this day. Proof that, no matter how small in numbers your wedding may have to be, it will be enormous in love and happiness. Don't let Covid get you down! As the saying goes that has been spread around social media this year, "Love is not Cancelled"


Venue Decor - The Wedding House

Cake - Laura Jane Cake Design

Stationery - Weddings by Kathy B

Dress - The Bridal Boutique

Videography - Through The Lens by Marvin Marius

Music - The Capriccio Quartet




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Weddings - The Immediate Future & Working Together  

Micro Weddings. Intimate Weddings. Covid Weddings.

Whatever we call them, it looks like the immediate future for wedding celebrations will be capped at 15 people for the rest of 2020, and very likely into the early months of 2021.


It's not been an easy year for any of us has it?

COVID-19 has sprinted across the world at record pace, taking a short breather only to come back with a vengeance as we approach the winter months. I don't think this second wave has really taken any of us by surprise, but what has thrown us into shocked uncertainty is the impact that the government's handling of the pandemic is having on our wedding and entertainment industries. Of course, all industries are suffering and my heart goes out to everyone who is struggling to make ends meet right now, but it goes without saying that the wedding industry has been hit full force in the face, multiple times, by this cannonball of a virus.


So where do we go now?

From the very beginning of this, before UK lockdown was even announced, I knew the way through this for me and my business would be to stay calm, follow the guidelines and work closely with all of my couples who were no doubt feeling a mountain of stress and worry. Back then, none of us had been through anything like this before and the idea of moving so many wedding dates was scary. The idea from a bride and groom's point of view of moving their wedding date, something they had spent months, maybe even years, planning towards, was devastating.

And now we find ourselves here again. Couples and suppliers countrywide are facing their second, maybe even third bout of postponements and cancellations. These are scary times, uncertain times, times when it's easy to lose our heads and think there is no hope. But also times to prove our resilience. Our strength. Our sheer determination that we built our businesses on in the first place. If we work together, plan for better times, strategise for what will be difficult months ahead, we can get through it. Get through it stronger, wiser and more resilient than ever. 


My plea to couples:

Firstly, my heart goes out to ALL of you who are having to deal with this. The months leading up to your wedding day should be filled with excitement and hope. Instead you may be feeling worried, stressed, devastated at having to reduce your numbers or move your date. It's important to stay calm, not make any rash decisions led by panic, and keep talking to your suppliers.

Many suppliers are one-person companies. These are people just like you, who have mortgages to pay, children to feed, families to support. If you're having trouble with your suppliers, it's easy to see them as faceless entities when times are stressful. Perhaps you've requested a refund from your supplier(s) that has been refused. Perhaps you're struggling to move your date to one that everyone agrees on. Maybe you're finding it difficult to reach them straightaway.

I've been incredibly fortunate in all of this, in that I have built amazing relationships with my couples and have worked with them closely from the beginning to move dates, find alternative photographers if needed, support them and offer advice. Others haven't ben so lucky and I have heard so many upsetting stories from suppliers who feel backed into a corner, desperate, bullied even. Now I'm not saying it is anyone's intention to bully anyone, but when emotions are high it's easy to forget to stay calm and to remember that we are all in this together.

What I'm saying is, give your suppliers time and compassion. They don't always know the best way forward and some are really struggling emotionally and financially. We ALL want to help you, that's why we do what we do, because we love to make people happy and give them an amazing wedding day.  



My plea to fellow wedding suppliers:

We must not give up. We must not stop fighting for our businesses. There has been SO much shared on social media and the news lately following the latest restrictions and this needs to continue. I applaud any of you who have spoken or written to your local MPs with your views on how restrictions are affecting weddings. If we don't do this, we can't expect change. I'm not saying that it will achieve a complete turnaround on the guidelines, but if we do nothing, we can expect nothing. If we do SOMETHING, there is always hope.

Talk to your couples. Keep calm. Work with them. Show your support. Try to adapt for what will be 6 months (maybe longer) of very small weddings. Offer alternative services if you can. I know this isn't always possible but if it is then go for it! I've had a great summer expanding my equestrian photography services and outdoor family portraiture, something I never had the time to do before this year.



Working together to make it work! My Associate Photographer option...

Help each other! This is THE most important thing. I'm working with a couple of other photographers at the moment to offer an associate option, so they shoot the wedding day if I'm not available but I keep the booking and take it back for the edit and image reveal. 

Just last week, I had a wedding move from today to the weekend before (rearranged in just 48 hours following the 15 guest announcement) and as I was unavailable I sent Aaron from the fantastic Incircles Photography to cover the day for me. I'm not going to lie, it felt like what I imagine leaving your child for the first ever time would feel like! But I needn't have worried at all because he pulled it out the bag with just 4 days notice. 

Shona and Darren had the most beautiful wedding day and their preview photographs are amazing...I can't wait to get cracking on the main edit for them. Aaron wrote a blog on their day which you're welcome to read here:


I'll leave you with a few previews from Shona and Darren's wedding day, as well as a few from other weddings I have photographed over the last month, proving that although numbers are small, and times feel uncertain and scary right now, there are still beautiful moments and amazing weddings to be had. As we've been saying since the beginning of all this...


love is not cancelled!


- - -

Worried about your wedding? Fancy a chat? Get in touch here - I'm always happy to help

Download my wedding brochure by clicking here


Zaira Usman Maiyan-47Zaira Usman Maiyan-47




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Outdoor Portrait Photography. Family, Maternity and Couples  

2020. The Year of Evolving...

OK. So 2020 may not have panned out the way that I thought it would. I started the year with a calendar full of beautiful weddings, excited about all the wonderful venues I would be visiting - some new, some very familiar. The busiest year I'd had for a while. All looked good.

And then the world threw a pandemic at us. So that was that.


Evolve or Evaporate

The above is a wonderful expression often used by a fantastic photographer and friend of mine, Sanjay Jogia.

Google him. The guy is amazing. Sanjay's life mentality is just incredible. He has achieved so much in his career to become an ambassador for Canon among many other brands and I believe a lot of his success is down to how he approaches life. He's always positive. Always searching for the next opportunity, looking for the next big thing. When lockdown hit, I'll be honest I spent the first couple of days wandering around the house, filling time with mundane tasks, not really knowing what I was doing.

Then, I got to thinking that, to come out of this stronger, to still be doing what I love at the other end of this crazy time, I needed to evolve. I needed to get my act together, get motivated and not just sit by and watch while the whole world turned itself upside down.



And so to a year of something different...

So I can't shoot weddings this year. Or I can now, but only with 30 people. Or maybe 50. Or no hang on, 30 but they all have to wear masks. Unless they're in the pub. Outdoors is OK, but receptions are not. Unless they're in a pub.

It's literally laughable. And heartbreaking for so many suppliers and couples who have seen weddings postpone again and again.

But we have to play to our strengths and do what we love. We have to adapt, evolve, move forward.



Which is what brought me to pushing my portrait photography this summer. In previous years, I've never have time to do much of this. I've always worked part time alongside a full calendar of weddings which usually sees me reaching for a huge bottle of wine most nights to ease the stress and then falling asleep at my desk under a mountain of editing come the end of July! (I do love it though, honest!)

What I missed most about lockdown was people! I think we all did. But as a hugely sociable person, with a job based purely around people, I really struggled. To be back out photographing couples, families, horses, pets...I'm absolutely loving it!




I'm currently in the middle of 12 sessions at the Confetti Fields in Pershore. SUCH a beautiful place and one that only opens to the public for 10 days each summer. I've booked in a range of engagement shoots, couple sessions and family sessions over three separate days and it's just the most fun ever! A lot of the families I am working with are couples whose weddings I photographed a few years back and I'm now getting to meet their children - amazing!

I'm also doing a lot of work with horses, both as commissioned portrait sessions and at events. This is another passion of mine both as a hobby and in a photography sense, and one I've been able to embrace so much more this year than ever before.



Looking forward...

I guess we just have to look for the opportunities among the disappointments this year, and find the silver linings around all of the clouds. I've certainly felt 100% better since getting out there more and falling in love with my job again. It's become a passion again as well as work, which was a balance I was beginning to find difficult with such a heavy and monotonous workload. As rubbish as it has been, 2020 - lockdown, pandemic, cancellations galore - has taught me a lot about myself, my strengths and weaknesses, and where I want to be at the end of it.

And for that I'm actually really thankful.


To enquire about a portrait shoot with me or about booking me for your wedding, please get in touch by clicking here.



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A Gorgeous Summer Evening Engagement Shoot  

Summer Evenings...

One of my favourite times to shoot in the summer time is as the sun is going down.

The light is beautifully hazy, the sun casts long lazy shadows on the ground and gently kisses the faces of the people I am working with. Everything just takes on this wonderful happy glow. Sometimes, it's obvious (think hazy light, shooting into the sun, silhouettes and sun flares) and other times you can't even really see it in the images, but the atmosphere during the shoot is unbeatable.


Gemma & Lewis

These guys are getting married next July and booked me a few weeks ago to cover their big day. Did you ever meet someone for the first time and think, wow, I feel like I've known this person for ages?! Well, this is how I felt when I first chatted to Gemma on the phone, with Lewis chiming in from time to time in the background! It felt like chatting to old friends and I knew I was going to have a lot of fun working with them in the run up to their wedding day next year.

So, off we went to Doverdale for an engagement shoot with the bride and groom-to-be, 2 bouncy dogs and the cutest little kitten! So the kitten didn't make the trip out for the actual shoot, but I very much enjoyed having a little cuddle with her on the driveway afterwards.

Everything just fell into place with this one - gorgeous weather, wonderful scenery (including the wonderful corn field right next door to Gemma and Lewis's house - not jealous at all...), lots of laughs and so much visible love between the two of them.

I vowed to write super meaningful and on-point blog posts since the beginning of this year but sometimes, it's just nice to bask in the loveliness that was a perfect photo shoot and share some of my favourite images with here we go :)





To enquire about a portrait shoot with me or about booking me for your wedding, please get in touch by clicking here.



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A Beautiful July Wedding at The Barn at Upcote  

Gloucestershire Barn Wedding


If I was asked what kind of venue I'd like for my own wedding day, then The Barn at Upcote would definitely be high up there on the list. Such a beautiful setting in the Gloucestershire countryside, with Cotswold stone buildings, a fantastic mix of traditional architecture and contemporary design, a sweet little bridal cottage to get ready in, beautiful gardens, amazingly friendly and welcoming staff and altogether one of the most relaxed vibes I've ever experiences when photographing a wedding.

This place just ticks all the boxes and so it's such a joy when I get asked to photograph a wedding here.


This venue also highlights and supports something I am always on board with, which is sustainability! I found a great article recently showing ways you can plan your wedding sustainably and in an eco-friendly way. Some ideas in here would look AMAZING at The Barn at Upcote. Click the link below to have a read:


Ian & Liss  29th July 2019

Ian and Melissa booked me for their wedding day at The Barn at Upcote in July 2019. 

As anyone who knows me is aware, part of what I adore about my work is getting to know my couples. So when Ian asked me if we could go to Dorset for their engagement shoot at Lulworth Cove, where Ian proposed, I jumped at the chance to spend a gorgeous sunny Sunday with these two lovely people. From the word go, we clicked really well and it was like walking with two good friends across the beaches and up to the cliff edge where Liss said yes! I even almost had a little swim in the sea after decided to get some creative shots on the rocks down in a little cove, underestimating how big the waves would be!

Such a fun day...finished off with fish, chips and ice cream, if it couldn't get any better :)

(see a few of the engagement photos below).


The Wedding...

I was told with complete sincerity by Melissa that, if it rained, she wasn't coming! (I'm still not sure whether she was actually joking or not...) So it was with relief that we woke up to a cloudless summer sky on the morning of their big day.

The bride got ready in the gorgeous little cottage at the side of the main ceremony barn, while Ian and his children waited outside and finished off their preparations in the drinks reception barn. The sun continued to shine on their guests as the barn slowly filled up and by the time Liss started her walk into the ceremony, Ian looked the proudest and happiest man in the county! I loved how he had his mini best man Will (his son) peeking around his side as Liss walked towards them.

Watching these two say their vows was such a wonderful experience. Getting to know the two of them in the year running up to their wedding; learning how they met, visiting one of their most favourite places with all led up to this moment and I was so pleased I could share it with them and their friends and families.




It turns out a toy bubble machine makes for the BEST bubble/confetti photos ever by the way, in case you were wondering...special thanks to Rosie and Alice for helping with this! I remember one of them (I think it was Alice but forgive me if I'm wrong ladies!) running behind me during the exit shots holding the bubble machine over my shoulder, chucking huge bubbles towards the bride and groom across the camera lens. Such fun!


The Reception...

The reception was just as amazing as the day itself, full of laughter and colour. Ian wrote a gorgeous, funny and heartwarming poem about his life with Liss, and had bought a lifesize cardboard cut out of Channing Tatum as a surprise for her, joking that he had won her over from her first love. Liss had secretly booked some singing waiters for the wedding breakfast, completely unknown to Ian and most of the guests. When one of them threw a plate of cutlery on the floor and then preceded to belt out one of Ian's favourite songs from Les Miserables, his face was an absolute picture! The singers were incredible, getting everyone singing and clapping along (and in some cases dancing on the chairs...there's always a drunk uncle haha!) The show ended in a huge conga line around the venue, complete with Channing Tatum cardboard cut out.

It did rain a bit, but Liss stayed so it was all OK! We took a walk out for some post-rain dusk photographs which are some of my favourites from the whole day :) Then back into the barns for lots of dancing and some of the yummiest pizza I have ever had. 

Thanks for having me along for the ride guys! I loved every minute of your wedding journey and I'm so glad I got to be there with you. Much love!



To enquire about booking me for your wedding, please get in touch by clicking here.


Venue - (shout out to Rosie, Alice and Hannah for always being so wonderful to me) 


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Coronavirus & Weddings - Postpone or Persevere?  

What would you do?

A question I have been asked several times over the past few weeks from my brides and grooms who were (or still are) hoping to get married this year...


I'll be honest. I was one of those people sitting at home back in February, slating all those who were panicking about Covid-19. I told myself that people were making mountains out of molehills, that we would all be fine and only minimally affected and I would carry on into 2020 as planned with a full calendar of weddings in my diary and a year full of parties, holidays and fun.


Well. How wrong I was!


As it stands now, my wedding diary is completely empty up until the beginning of September. I have postponed 19 weddings to either later this year or to 2021 with a further 3 pending new dates. I have cancelled my 30th birthday party and my trip to the USA. My pending house sale is on hold.

Like many others, my year has been flipped on it's head because of Coronavirus and there is nothing we can do about it apart from make the best of it, focus on the positives and come out stronger when it is all under control.


I'm OK with this. I've accepted it.

I'm thinking positive and planning ahead for better times.


Having dealt with my personal life, now, as a wedding professional, I'm focusing on helping my couples through these difficult times, working with them as closely as possible to minimise stress and to help them make decisions about their wedding. I have actually felt very humbled and honoured that so many of my couples have turned to me for advice when it comes to deciding what to do. 



I'll probably get slated by other wedding suppliers who really want to get back to work for writing this, but I feel it is important to be honest with my couples and that's what I have done from the very beginning. When I thought things would be back to normal by September, I told them that. When I started to believe otherwise, I told them that too.


Do I think weddings will be going ahead in September?

Yes sure I do. But not as we know them.

When I think of a wedding day, of what I love about them and why I enjoy photographing them so much, I think of the people. The love, the emotions, the celebration, the togetherness. Unity, friendship, family. When you look at the six photographs above, what do you see? If this is how you see your wedding playing out - if this is what you want, lots of people together - then you may want to consider postponing your day.

Because, I believe, weddings will not look like this (or shouldn't anyway) for quite a long time. It's such a sad thought, but we will have to be careful. We will have to conform to social distancing. Perhaps group photographs will have to be done in household groups only. The days of huge groups of 120 guests with the bride and groom surrounded by their most loved, those may well have to wait a while. Perhaps we will be advised to wear masks. Hey, maybe I could get one of those ones with cameras printed all over it!


Food for thought...

I came across this blog yesterday in a wedding group, which was equally interesting and scary - it outlines the potential future of weddings until we can come up with a way of controlling the spread of this virus. Whilst some things in there are, in my opinion, a little OTT and a lot of things are of course still pure speculation, I think it gives important food for thought to enable you to make a decision that works for you.

Read it here: How Weddings Are Predicted to Look in a Socially Distanced World




You can create the perfect compromise. Maybe this could even be a good thing...

So we are potentially looking at more outdoor ceremonies, fewer guests, daytime entertainment rather than big evening gatherings, home weddings, PPE in venues. Let's face it, none of this is disastrous. In fact, it may even make us focus on what weddings are REALLY all about, getting your nearest and dearest together, having fun, celebrating love and, above all, two people officially joining their lives together. Do we really need all of the excess that comes with so many weddings nowadays?

Maybe simplifying could be a good thing. Invest in the memories.

If the intimate ceremony is the focus of your day, this can easily be done. If a huge party with all of your friends and family is what you want, that's great too, but that may well have to wait a while. Maybe you could still get married on your original date in a smaller ceremony, then have the big party next year...maybe as a first anniversary celebration.


What would you do, Kate?

So how do I answer this question? My heart breaks for my couples, and everyone else out there hoping to get married soon. There is such uncertainty surrounding everything and I think the not knowing is the worst part. I've had brides-to-be in tears because they feel so stressed now knowing whether their wedding will be allowed to happen. Or because they feel guilty wanting to still go ahead when others are cancelling.

You know what? There is no right or wrong answer here. It's just a case of knowing the facts, understanding the implications of either going ahead with your wedding day or postponing it, and making a decision that feels right for you.

Above all, I'd say don't let this ruin your wedding journey. Have the wedding that you want, that you have dreamed of. But don't forget what it's really all about. Stick together with your partner and get through it together. Stronger.


Worried about your wedding? Fancy a chat? Get in touch here - I'm always happy to help


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A Beautiful Autumn Wedding at Stanbrook Abbey  

Autumn is the new Summer...


Gosh it feels like such a long time since I was at a wedding! Covid-19 has certainly turned my 2020 calendar upside down, with my usual photography-packed summer looking more like lots of lazy Saturdays in the garden (could be worse) and the run up to Christmas rivalling Santa's workshop! I mean, NEVER, since my business started, has my bookings chart looked like this (below) and it's still changing every few days.


While I don't have a growing pile of new content to share with you all right now, I've started to look back at some of my 2019 weddings and remember what an amazing year I had with all of my couples. It looks like September is going to be a WHOPPER for me with a mix of new and postponed weddings, so I wanted to go back to one of my favourite weddings of last year...

I know two of my couples were meant to be getting married at this venue in May and I'm super sad for them that they have had to postpone their celebrations. It seemed fitting to revisit my last wedding there in this blog post and to remember that, things WILL get back to normal and 2021 weddings at Stanbrook Abbey are going to be the BIGGEST celebrations the hotel has known for a good while!


Abbey & Ben  7th September 2019, Stanbrook Abbey

Stanbrook Abbey is one of my all time favourite venues. I think a lot of photographers would say the same. It's got everything - amazing grounds, stunning architecture, super-friendly staff, great food. It also boasts a gorgeous setting for each part of any couple's wedding day. From the stunning Bride's Manor with its sweeping staircase, to the very masculine and dapper Groom's Room, Callow Great Hall for an unrivalled ceremony experience, through to the newly-refurbished St Anne's Suite with the super-cool library bar and beautiful gardens. This place is a photographer's dream (and that of many brides- and grooms-to-be)!


I was so excited to meet Abbey and Ben and learn about their wedding plans. Living in Dartford, they fell in love with Stanbrook Abbey when they visited and instantly knew it was their dream wedding venue. So they, along with all of their family and friends, travelled from Kent to the beautiful rolling hills of Malvern in Worcestershire for what turned out to be one of the most beautiful wedding days I have ever been a part of.

With their elegant navy, silver and white colour theme decorated with the most gorgeous roses and hydrangeas, blossom trees in the Abbey, the bride's AMAZING dress from Dando London (which I definitely did not plan to steal when she wasn't looking...) and the gorgeous backdrops that Stanbrook has to offer, I was in my own little photography heaven bubble for most of the day! 

The fact the Abbey and Ben had travelled so far for their wedding and their adoration of the venue, they wanted to spend quite a bit of time around the grounds and in the corridors taking some photographs. There are so many places to get creative at Stanbrook you can be spoiled for choice, and we managed to get a wonderful collection of bride and groom portraits all over the hotel, including a snatched moment in between wedding breakfast courses on the stage in St Anne's minutes before the band were to set up for the evening! I had to work fast for that one, but it was a shot I'd had in mind for a while and one I can happily say I'm very pleased with!


Here's a few more images of Abbey and Ben's wedding day - there were so many to choose from!


For more information on booking me for your wedding day, please click here to get in touch.



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Five Top Tips for Brides-To-Be  

You're Getting Married! 

(imagine party poppers, bubbly and lots of excited hopping right now)


So the question (and the champagne cork) has finally been popped and you're on your way to planning your perfect wedding day. So where do you start? You've maybe visited a few wedding shows already, picked up a handful of magazines, browsed through an endless barrage of wedding inspiration online and your brain is now buzzing.

It's SUCH an exciting time and a wonderful journey to be setting out on, but it can also be a little daunting knowing where to begin, how to choose the best suppliers and whether to splurge on that ice sculpture of a swan you saw on Pinterest the other day...

So, as somebody who has been in the wedding industry for almost ten years now, and having attended over 150 weddings so far as a photographer, I'd like to offer a little help here. At the very least to make sure you don't end up with THIS on your Facebook feed...



I've put together my FIVE TOP TIPS for wedding planning to help you on your way. Things I've picked up from attending weddings as a photographer, being part of my friends' weddings and also from fellow wedding suppliers I've met and worked with along the way.



1. Don't be Afraid to Delegate.

Yep, it's all about the bride, but a huge part of you is your AMAZING friends and family. They really want to help make sure your day is perfect for you, so let them help with tasks such as making wedding favours and stationery, sending out invitations, visiting wedding shows with you and picking out dresses. This experience will be a whole lot more fun with lots of people around you to share the memories.

I know it's difficult to hand over super important tasks - believe me, I'm the WORST delegator. But your besties know and love you more than anyone, they are your biggest fans and they're going to be there every step of the way to make it perfect.




2. Get Wedding Insurance.

Yep, the boring bit. But this is super important!

Like any insurance, you probably won't ever need it but it's worth the peace of mind to take it out as soon as you have your date secured. A lot of insurance companies allow you to buy a policy up to a whopping two years before your wedding date. This will cover you for all sorts of things and make sure you're financially covered if anything does go wrong. A few things to note - make sure the policy covers you for deposits already paid out, so you won't be out of pocket on that score, and check what exclusions are in the small print (national pandemics are usually not covered by the way - yep, funnily enough I learned a lot about this recently!).

None of us like to think about the negatives, but get this sorted and out of the way nice and early and you can crack on focusing on the more fun aspects of wedding planning...Cake and wine tasting, here we come!

While we're on this subject, it's useful to ask any suppliers you are booking for their insurance details too. Always make sure they have Public Liability insurance before booking them - this proves they are a professional supplier and you'll be in responsible safe hands.



3. Inject Your Personality.

Are you mad on Harry Potter? Do you go to Comic Con every year? Are you obsessed with all things vintage?

Whatever your interests and passions, don't be afraid to build them into your wedding. Yes, magazines and Pinterest are full of beautiful pastel and white wedding decor (which is gorgeous) but that doesn't mean you have to follow the crowd. This is YOUR day and it's all about YOU as a couple.

Some of the best weddings I have been to have been ones where there is a solid theme, or the couple have approached me with a photo idea, saying "This might sound weird, but...". It's not weird. It's AWESOME! I've photographed Harry Potter style wand duels, brides wielding Marvel inspired weapons and even little buttonholes made from Power Rangers lego people!

You are celebrating your life journey with the person you love most in all the world so fill your day with all the things you love.


4. Keep it Personal with your Suppliers.

Your wedding suppliers are with you from the moment you first click send on your enquiry, right up until your wedding day, and beyond in some cases (myself included). We love weddings, and we love meeting and getting to know you and helping plan your special day.

I've always said, to anyone I know who is getting married - whether friend, family member, clients or people I meet at wedding shows - GET TO KNOW YOUR WEDDING SUPPLIERS. If you can't meet in person, set up a video chat or at least talk on the phone. Email is hugely useful for getting things done and having a paper trail for your planing records, but there is nothing like sitting down with a cup of tea (or glass of wine!) and having a good natter about your plans and what you want out of your wedding.

For me, this is what I base my whole business around - good relationships with my clients equals better photographs.


Also, some of them are going to have a big part to play on the day - your make up artist, hairdresser, photographer, videographer, venue coordinator...they'll all be there with you to help make your day super special and fun, so you want to choose people that you click personally with and will fit into your day seamlessly.


5. Invest in a Wedding Album.

Yep, OK. This is where it gets slightly biased on my part as a photographer. But I just feel this is SO important. I actually wrote a separate blog on why I feel there is still a huge place for printed wedding albums in today'd mostly digital world and if you'd like to you can read it by clicking here


To sum it up, your wedding photographs will be one of the remaining physical memories of the most important day of your life. A lot of people say to me when they approach me about booking that they feel photography is one of the most important aspects as it is what will live on after the day has ended. This is the thing that has always resonated with me when it comes to photography - any photography. It's our link to the past, to our memories and to our emotions. It allows us to relive moments we may have forgotten.

In printed form, as an album, this will be passed on physically through the generations of your family. Your children, your grandchildren, maybe even your great-great-grandchildren, will touch these pages and learn about you from them. It will forge a link across years that not much else can.

Plus, I'm not sure if it's just the romantic in me talking here, but I just feel there is something so much more valuable and important in the shape of printed photographs over digital files. They become permanent, just like the two of you.


For more information on booking me for your wedding, please click here to get in touch. I'd love to hear from you!



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Should you get a Wedding Album?  

Why do I need a Wedding Album?

Do they still have a place in today's digital world?


I get asked these question so often by my brides and grooms.

I mean, it's 2020. We live in a digital age. Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, WhatsApp, SnapChat filters, Instagram stories...the list is endless. The growing number of ways in which we can share our lives, our feelings and our memories with our family, friends, and (let's face it) people we don't even know, is eye watering. Frankly, it's amazing. But also a little scary at times.


Despite this, I still feel there is value in the printed form. The physical form. 

I read somewhere that the latest generations are the most advanced ever when it comes to technology. This makes perfect sense. However, here's the scary part - even though, technologically speaking, we are more clued up than ever, we are also the


Digitally, our faces are everywhere and they'll continue to pop up in Facebook Time Hops for years to come I'm sure.

But after that?

Then what?

Where will all the old family photo albums be? You know the ones you loved looking through with your grandparents when you were a kid? Those links to generations, family members you may never have even met, but that you are still able to learn about, picture and feel a tie to, through the power of the printed photograph. Those places you used to visit, that may now be changed forever, but that you can still picture as they were in your mind, helped by the memory jog of an old photo.


Below are a couple of photographs of my late Grandad, an amazing man who I love and miss very much. I love these photos - they show him when he was in his late twenties - my age now. There are albums full of these, that my Nan and Mum have kept over the years. I adore going through them and asking about different family members and places. If it weren't for these albums, I would have no record of my Grandad when he was younger and I'm so glad that I have these.


Of course, it's different now. Back then, there was no Facebook, no digital photography. People had to rely on film and print to preserve their dearest memories. It's easy now to just scroll back through timelines, digital photo albums and files saved on our phones and computers.

But, I dunno, for me anyway, it just doesn't have that same sense of magic.


And so to the point of this blog, before I start skipping down the wonders of memory lane and forget why I even sat down to write this...

You're getting married. The best, most important day of your life. You can't wait to get stuck into planning your wedding day to the love of your life. It's what you've dreamed of since you were little, maybe you were one of those girls who made a wedding wish list scrapbook when she was about 7 years old! 

You've set out your budget for your dress, flowers, venue, food, decorations, photographer...anything you can think of to make your day perfect.

So at this point, ask yourself: What's my budget for my wedding album?

I know not everyone will have a budget right there, but if you do, or you can get one, think about it. Maybe you can ask wedding guests to contribute a small amount to your album, rather than give gifts that you already own from years of living together. Your wedding album will be the remaining physical memory of the most special day of your life. It will be that link between generations, that family heirloom that can be passed around your children and their children, and their children. 


And the thing is, wedding albums are no longer those old fashioned tracing paper filled puffy leather covered books! You can have a gorgeous storybook filled with your memories and those special moments you want to keep forever and pass down.

Sure, you can save everything on your computer and look at them maybe once a year, or have an image pop up on Facebook Time Hop now and again.

If that works for you, then that's great!

But, for the reasons I explained earlier, wouldn't an album just make everything feel more special

Think about walking into an old bookstore, filled with special editions. Books worth hundreds, perhaps thousands of pounds. Compare this with a Kindle filled with throwaway stories. It;s the same thing, the same mentality. Your wedding album is a first edition. The only edition.

It's one of a kind.




So next time you go to visit your wedding photographer, or you see one at a wedding show with albums on the table, stop. Take a look. Think about your wedding story being told across those pages. Think about your children and your grandchildren touching those same pages for years to come.

The world is a fragile place, but our memories are unbreakable. Treasure them.






If you'd like to talk to me about my own range of wedding albums and how you can add one to your wedding package, I'd be delighted to show you some samples. There is a huge range of cover materials and colours to make your wedding album as unique as you.

I currently offer premium soft touch faux leather, acrylic, aluminium and engraved wood covers alongside a range of smaller copies for parents and family members and beautiful presentation boxes. A few samples shown above.

Click here to visit the albums page on my website.


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Has Covid-19 affected your Wedding Day? Read this...




Yep, the word we have all come to dread and hate so much. The thing that has taken over our lives and engulfed our minds. The first thing we hear about as soon as we turn on the television, open up Facebook or make a call to our friends. Let's face it - it sucks!

A lot of us have resorted to humour to get through it. I don't know about you but my phone is currently full of things like this, sent to me by very bored and laughter-loving friends...I've got to admit they do make me giggle:



On a serious note, for me it's not just my daily home life that has been flipped upside down - it's that of my business and of course, those of all the lovely couples planning to get married this Spring and Summer. Some of my own couples have already postponed, whether off their own backs or due to government announcements (either way it's rubbish!). Others are quietly hopeful that their wedding will be able and safe to go ahead as planned.

A lot of brides, grooms and wedding suppliers are worried, confused and stressed right now. It's the uncertainty right? The not knowing. The hazy ever-changing timeline that we are being forced to depend upon.









There are a lot of you out there right now maybe concerned that, even though you REALLY want to get married this year, you might not be allowed to. Or, if you ARE allowed to, will all of your guests want to attend? Will social distancing still remain in place? Will it restrict guest numbers at weddings? These are questions that we cannot yet answer I'm afraid and you will all have your own feelings about whether reducing the number of guests at your wedding is right for you. Do you go ahead on your original date with a smaller number of friends and family members. Or do you hold off to a later date when everybody is more likely to make it in person? 

I can't answer this for you. But I can show you how beautiful a small, intimate wedding can be...



Kira and Sam booked me last year to photograph their wedding on 20th March 2020. Little did we know what would be happening on that date (in fact it was THE day that churches announced a maximum of 5 people at wedding ceremonies) and we spent some really fun times getting to know each other in the run up to the big day. 

Their engagement session, held at Hurcott Woods in Kidderminster, was full of laughter and I knew their wedding day would be the same. As a wedding photographer I love how I can really gel with my couples; get to know them, work out what they like, their hobbies, meet their families and their pets. All of this helps me to inject their personality into their wedding photographs and makes the journey to the wedding day (from both sides) super fun and relaxed.




So when Coronavirus started to become a threat to social gatherings, and to the safety and health of everyone we knew, it was a difficult decision to be made by Kira and Sam as to whether to go ahead. We had already had numerous conversations about what might happen (note here - communication is KEY with your wedding suppliers - we all want to help and work with you and will do whatever we can to make things work, so please please talk to us if you're worried).

Kira and Sam decided, before any government announcements were made, to postpone their full day wedding celebration, including their reception at Brockencote Hall in Kidderminster. Their remaining guest list for their church ceremony consisted of just immediate family (parents and siblings) and their two very best friends, who were best man and bridesmaid.



From the moment I arrived at the church, we forgot about everything that was going on in the world. This was about the two of them getting married. About them celebrating love, hope and happiness in the middle of a worldwide uncertainty. Despite the church not being full of people, despite having to use hand sanitizer as we entered the church, despite me having to keep a sensible distance from everyone, it actually didn't seem to matter at all.

Right then, just for an hour, life was good. Really really good. For Kira and Sam, they got to become husband and wife, something they had been waiting to do for a long time. For their guests, it was such a happy time watching them celebrate their love for one another. For me - well, for me it was just so good to be there to celebrate with them. It was a blissful hour of normality, hope and happiness.



So I guess what I am trying to say here is that

there is hope. Lots of it.

Right now, weddings cannot happen. That's the law and that's how it is. But, in the near future, that WILL change. If you feel the best plan of action for you is to postpone for a few months, maybe even a year, then do what is right for you. We certainly need to make sure we are keeping our loved ones safe and secure and that comes above all else.

However, if you're on the fence about going ahead with a small ceremony once social distancing guidelines are relaxed and it is safe to do so, take a look at a few more of the images below from Kira and Sam's ceremony. It can be done and it will be beautiful.

Keep safe. Stay positive. Laugh lots. Take some time out.

Much love xxx


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My 2018 Best Bits Wow! What a year!

Now, this isn't going to be a wordy blog at all - it is simply a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has been a part of 2018 with me - it has been an amazing year with so much love and laughter. I have met the BEST couples and been part of some of the most wonderful days.

I set myself the task of choosing my top 100 wedding day images of the year...I didn't realise how difficult it would be! I managed it though...and one thing I realised when I was reviewing my choices, is that almost all of my favourite images involve laughter, or emotion. To me, this is what good wedding photography is all about.

Life flies by so quickly, sometimes we forget to stop and look.

Photography is a gift that allows us to look back, to remember the amazing times, remember how we felt at that moment.

It makes us laugh and it makes us cry - it simply makes us feel. 

So here they are - my top 100. See you all in 2019!



A huge thank you must go to the amazing wedding venues featured in this blog - listed below (click on the names to see their websites). Also a huge thanks to all the fellow suppliers I have worked with this year - far too many to name you all individually but you are all amazing!

The Mill Barns, Curradine Barns, Rowton Castle, Clearwell Castle, Stanbrook Abbey, Wootton Park, Hyde Barn, Hillscourt, The Old Vicarage, Deer Park Hall, Stonehouse Court, Hundred House Hotel, Wharton Park, Nuthurst Grange, The Mount Hotel, The Wood Norton, Brockencote Hall, The Barn at Upcote, Worcester Guildhall, Birtsmorton Court, Oulton Hall and Bowden Hall.

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Lucy & Michelle's Harry Potter Wedding I love a wedding with a theme. Even better when that theme happens to be Harry Potter! I spent my pre-teen years wanting to be Hermione Granger and wishing I had magical powers, and then when I got a little older, it was still amazing to watch the films and imagine what the world would be like if it were all real. I think there are a lot of us out there who have a soft spot for the world that JK Rowling invented, so when Lucy and Michelle told me this was to be their theme for their wedding celebrations, I couldn't wait to get there and get started.

Lucy and Michelle were actually already legally married when I arrived at Oulton Hall in Leeds on the evening of 8th November. They called me up late last year, asking if I was available around 2 weeks later (on the 21st December) as they couldn't wait any longer to get married and were off to Glastonbury to tie the knot in a beautiful candle-lit Hand Fasting ceremony! Happliy I was, so off we all went to what was one of the most original and intimate wedding ceremonies I have had the pleasure of photographing to date.

So, the 9th November was their date to celebrate with friends and family who hadn't been present at the legal ceremony last year. It was also their date to go completely crazy with Harry Potter decorations, accessories, books, name it, they had thought of it! Their friends and families had chipped in with some amazing contributions too. There was an Ollivanders Wand Making shop, manned by two of their guests who had spent weeks building the props (it looked amazing), guests were dressed in robes, Michelle's Mum was Professor McGonnagal, in charge of sorting guests into their houses using a proper Sorting Hat, and there were chocolate frogs, Bertie Botts every flavour Beans, and the most incredibly decorated wedding cake I've ever seen.

The guest book, made by one of their friends, had a striking resemblance to the Monster Book of Monsters, and guests had even written poems and quizzes, read out in the ceremony and during the reception, to keep everyone entertained.

We made it outside too for a while, despite the cold, for a quick wand dual and some couple portraits while guests stayed in the warm to make wands, meet the owls (yep, owls - 5 of them) and chill out in their house common rooms. It really was above and beyond anything I expected - and I knew, knowing these fabulous ladies, that it was going to be good!

It was just the most perfect day from beginning to end - so much fun and super personal to both brides.

One to remember for a very long time :) Here's a little recap...

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Veronika & Mark's Autumn Wedding Day When Veronika and Mark first contacted me about photographing their wedding I was fully booked and had promised (for the third year running) my husband that I was in no way going to be tempted to take on any more work. Then I met these guys. I instantly knew that their day was going to be something special and I was also looking forward to the challenge of helping Veronika to overcome her nervousness in front of the camera.

Since the beginning of 2018 I have been offering pre-wedding shoots as a complimentary inclusion in all of my wedding packages. Veronika and Mark are a classic example of why these shoots are such a great idea. We got to know each other so much better over the course of the shoot, starting at their home and moving onto some beautiful areas in Brewood, and ending with me lying flat on my stomach in the middle of a hay field surrounded by fairy lights - a scene which unbeknown to me I would be reminded of a few weeks later when Mark sent me the lovely photo he had taken of all three of us! Veronika was a completely different person in front of the camera by the end of the shoot and also seemed much more at ease about being photographed and about the wedding day itself.


Onto the wedding day! It was quite a strange (but fun) start actually because I found myself on the opposite end of the camera for this wedding. I have been working with a videographer to produce some promotional films for my website and social media in 2019 (exciting things to come very soon!) so before the bride and groom arrived we got stuck into some video work of me doing my thing!

From the moment Veronika arrived at the church and walked down the aisle to meet Mark, they could not take their eyes off each other. To see two people so obviously and unconditionally in love was just amazing and their connection was captured beautifully on camera. After some emotional readings and a brilliant personalised song played and performed on piano by one of the groomsmen, the vows were said, the first kiss kissed and the register signed.

It's safe to say I will now be packing confetti cannons into my kit bag for every wedding I attend - I've not come across them before so I was unsure what we were going to get and how the photographs would turn out, but wow! These things make some seriously epic confetti! Veronika and Mark's reactions just made it though - they are very expressive people and their day was just filled to the brim with laughter and fun, and this is possibly the most evident during the confetti shots.

One thing I wasn't expecting was for the bride and groom to announce, once the confetti had landed, that they were going to RUN to their reception venue! Granted, it was only at the top of the road from the church, but this is a first. I should probably explain that Veronika and Mark are both marathon runners so this was a little personal touch to their day and a bit of fun for them and the guests...they even went on to run the New York Marathon together on their HONEYMOON! So, yeah, wow!

The Mount Hotel was the reception venue of choice and the grounds made a beautiful autumnal backdrop for some portraits before the wedding breakfast. I experimented with a few smoke grenades for the first time which was a lot of fun...if unpredictable! I love the shots where you really don't know what you're going to get until you get's kinda scary to think it might all go completely wrong but when you get something good at the end it's SO satisfying.

I loved every second of this wedding and I could go on for quite a lot longer, but I'm sure you'd rather see some images! So here they are - Veronika and Mark's best bits. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Foster :)

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Jane & Matthew at Nuthurst Grange So the autumn season began for me on 7th September with Jane and Matthew's big day in Warwickshire. Arriving at Nuthurst Grange to shoot a wedding is always such a lovely experience - I'm always made to feel so welcome by the team there and the hotel and grounds are just shouting out with photo opportunities. The good vibes continued up in the bridal prep room, with Jane and her bridesmaids all being super chilled and gorgeous plus a fantastic hair and makeup team.

Matthew arrived with groomsmen in tow a little later, including little Arlo - the bride and groom's son - who kind of stole the show at opportune moments throughout the day! Hey, what are kids for?! It's never guaranteed how young children will react to having a stranger with a camera follow them around on a wedding morning, but he wasn't phased at all, and even became my trusty photo-taking assistant more than once!

Jane and Matthew's ceremony was in the venue's lovely exclusive use buildings at the back of the hotel. This room is just beautiful for taking photos throughout the vows and ring exchanges, with wonderful light from the huge arched window at the front. Arlo was a very efficient ring bearer when the time came and Mr and Mrs Brain (Jane loves the fact that she is now 'Jane Brain') exited to huge applause from their guests and to a surprise dove release - organised by Matthew and his family and kept completely secret from Jane. It was a lovely moment when their doves were released and then Arlo had his very own mini dove in a little basket, which caught him by surprise I think, going by his expression in the photos!

There was plenty of laughter and some impressive speeches during the wedding breakfast - I think both bride and groom were suitably embarrassed - and the reception was definitely one of the livelier ones I have attended, with the groom ordering a round of about 30 Jaegerbombs before the cake had even been cut!

An absolutely fantastic wedding to kick off my favourite season. Congratulations Jane and Matthew - here's some of your best bits...

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Emily and Dan at The Old Vicarage Emily and Dan's wedding day was the third in a row for me during the last weekend of August, and despite running mainly on adrenaline and caffeine I couldn't wait to get there and get started! Even the pouring rain didn't do much to dampen my spirits (I was actually secretly hoping for a little more, so we'd get some awesome rainy outdoor shots later!) As always, the staff at The Old Vicarage were so welcoming and it was a pleasure to return there after quite a while. 

Emily and her bridal party looked stunning when they arrived, having had hair and makeup done at home before heading over to the venue, so it was just final prep shots before Dan and wedding guests arrived. As per my usual style, we kept everything pretty laid back and natural in the run up to the ceremony, which took place in the beautiful Orangery looking out onto the gardens. I just adored the look Emily gave Dan when they saw each other for the first time at the front of the aisle!

The rain stopped for long enough to get everyone outside for some fab confetti shots and family photos, then Emily, Dan and myself ventured down into the gardens for some couple portraits...with the assistance of a few goats in the adjacent field who found the whole thing incredibly interesting! 

I'd been pre-warned that there would be some Irish dancing happening during the reception, so I was prepped and ready to go when the two dancers took their places...their performance was incredible! Topped off by Emily the bride joining in for a final dance before I headed off.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Leiper!


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Dani & Alex at Curradine Barns What can I say about Dani and Alex's wedding day? Just wow!

I was so looking forward to shooting this one, as the last time I was at this gorgeous venue was for the wedding of one of my best it was lovely to return in a professional capacity and get stuck into all of the ideas I had been building up in my mind since then.

So it turned out when Dani and Alex first booked me, that Dani;s parents actually live about 6 houses up from myself. So early in the morning off I went on my shortest commute ever, dragging my rolling suitcase behind me, to get some shots of Dani, her parents and her bridesmaids starting their wedding day prep. There were some emotional moments when everyone opened the gifts Dani and Alex had got for them, including some super-sweet handmade bridesmaids scrapbooks.

On to Curradine Barns, and there was hardly a cloud in the sky to greet us on arrival. Win! The upstairs rooms are just stunning, and we were met with the most enormous pastry/fruit/chocolate platter I think I've ever seen. Curradine Barns - you rock! Cue shots of dresses, shoes, bouquets, jewellery, and of course all of the ladies having a fabulous time getting glammed up. Dani had her "Carrie moment" whilst putting on her dress!

Alex and the guys arrives shortly before the ceremony and it was great to spend some time with them before the I Dos, before heading inside to the beautiful stone-floored bare brick ceremony room. By this point I;d even managed to get a few shots of Dani's Dad Pete, who had spent the morning trying his best to avoid me at all costs! Sorry Pete :)

Dani and Alex had a pre-wedding session with me a few months before their wedding day, so they knew pretty much what to expect from the couple shots, but they exceeded even my expectations with how relaxed and fun they were together in front of the camera. I was there doing my standard crazy stuff - getting under Dani's veil, lying belly-down in the middle of freshly cut corn fields (this hurts, by the way!), climbing balconies - and they just took it all in their stride with huge smiles on their faces...maybe they were just laughing at my ridiculousness though...

Anyway! We got some beautiful shots during their two couple sessions, along with Jack their awesome videographer. Possibly one of my favourite couple sessions this year...possibly. I have lots of favourites haha!

Dani and Alex chose a vinyl record theme for their decor which looked awesome in the wedding breakfast room and in the welcome areas, from the vinyl record cake stand, to the table numbers, the personalised record for each guest as a favour, and vinyl records for guests to sign and leave messages on, rather than a traditional book. Oh, and Dani's shoes lit up when she walked - not record themed at all, but to amazing not to be mentioned!

From dawn until dark, this day was just the best! I've been itching to share it with you, so here we go...

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Summer Weddings at Stanbrook Abbey When it comes to venues, they don't come much more impressive or grand than the beautiful Stanbrook Abbey Hotel near Malvern in Worcestershire. The very first time I drove through the entrance back in 2015 for my first wedding there, I was blown away. This was before the extension featuring the modern St George's Bar and function rooms were added so the main entrance was what is now the rear entrance, but either way you approach, you can't fail to be impressed.

So it was with great excitement that I packed my photography kit up for not one but two gorgeous weddings there this summer. The first, Katie and Luke's super-colourful affair topped off with an epic fire show in the evening, and secondly, Hayley and Andy's beautiful day following their pre-wedding shoot there earlier this year.

I really don't think I need to waffle on too much about these days, as the photographs really do speak for themselves and I'm sure you'll enjoy looking through them far more than you'll want to read paragraphs from me! All I'll say is, if you're looking for a show-stopping venue, get yourselves down there to meet Liza and the team - you won't be disappointed!

I must comment though on what absolutely wonderful couples both Katie and Luke and Hayley and Andy were to work with (even if Andy was sick with nerves in the morning haha). We even got some fantastic drone footage from Hayley and Andy's day thanks to my lovely husband who came along to shoot a promo video for me!






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Why you need a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Wow - so you've booked your wedding date and now comes that minefield of booking all of your suppliers. There are so many things to get sorted and different people to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start! One great way to get the ball rolling is to start visiting wedding fayres at local venues and perhaps the venue you have chosen for your own wedding. You can meet some fantastic suppliers at these places and get some great ideas too! This is the only active physical form of advertising that I do to meet potential new clients, and there is a very good reason for this which leads me onto the main point of this blog post...

Your wedding day is the accumulation of the two of you - your personalities, your relationship, your story. It's hugely personal and you want to reflect that in everything you choose to make the day amazing, right? So, the best way, in my mind, is to meet everyone you choose to play a part in your big day in person, and after you book them, spend some time with them in the run up to your wedding if you feel you want to. Sure, you can book through websites - and maybe that works OK for some things - but meeting face to face is SO much better. You get to see that person's work in the flesh, rather than through a screen. But more importantly, you get to meet the PERSON, not just meet what they do.

As a photographer, I spend an average of 10 hours at a wedding; 8 of those hours are spent actively shooting. Perhaps 5 of those 8 are spent directly with the bride and groom. So I want to be sure my couples are 100% happy with both my work and me as a person before they book me. We need to click. Spending 5 hours with someone who annoys the hell out of you is not going to leave you with good memories on your wedding day! 

I love the fact that 90% of couples who I meet for a consultation go ahead and confirm a booking. But I don't dwell on the 10% that don't - chances are they found a different photographer whose personality gelled with theirs just that little bit better, and they booked them instead, which is great!

So what has any of this got to do with the pre-wedding shoot you might think? The pre-wedding shoot is a 60-90 minute photo shoot taken any time before your wedding day. It's something that I offer complimentary to all my wedding couples, whether they book a full day coverage or a 2 hour ceremony-only shoot. This isn't something I have always fact it has only been included into my packages in the last few months. I made the decision though based on the feedback and experiences I had with couples who opted for the pre-wedding shoot when it was an optional extra.

Let's face it, the idea of being followed around by a camera (or in my case two cameras!) for the whole day can be slightly daunting. It's not something most people naturally experience on a daily basis and it's something a lot of my couples are pretty apprehensive about. The option to have a photo shoot almost like a practise session before your wedding day is a fantastic opportunity to get all of your worries out of the way and for me to prove to you that it's not scary in any way! The more time I spend with a couple before their wedding, the better we get to know each other and in turn, the better we understand each other. The bride and groom inevitably relax more with me and the photos reflect this. I'm sure Veronika, the bride-to-be in the two photos above, won't mind me saying that she was super nervous about hers and Mark's pre-wedding shoot. Her fears dissolved after the first ten minutes of the shoot though, snd she told me afterwards how glad she was that they had done it and how much better she was feeling about the wedding day now. This is a perfect example of why these shoots are such a good idea. The pre-wedding shoot is a hands-on follow up from first meetings we may have had (at a wedding fayre and/or consultation).



Pre-Wedding shoots are also a great time to try out ideas you might have for your wedding day. Maybe you choose to have your shoot at your wedding venue and want to scope out a couple of locations and ideas for the big day. Or if you don't have your shoot at your wedding venue, maybe you just want to try out some techniques, posing ideas etc at this point, knowing then that it will be easier on the wedding day. It's also a great time to try something different, wacky, out of the ordinary...I'm no stranger to getting on the floor, climbing trees or whatever else might be required to get a cool angle, and once couples have seen me in action on the pre-wedding shoot, it's kind of standard practice on the wedding day!

Plus, if I haven't convinced you already, bring your dog, kids, cat, horse, hamster - whatever! The main point of these shoots is to have fun with it and get over any awkwardness that may be there initially...the bonus is you get some awesome photos to hang on your wall without having to wait until the big day!

If you'd like any more information on the pre-wedding sessions that I offer and/or my wedding photography packages, get in touch here.



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Rachel & Rob's Awesome Wootton Park Wedding Ooh so this is a good one! I've been looking forward to blogging this wedding for so long - in fact I'm not really sure why I haven;t done it sooner - because it was possibly one of my favourite weddings to date. One of my favourite venues - the gorgeous Wootton Park - and some of the loveliest, easy going and fun people I have met in a long time!

Firstly, when Rachel and Rob booked me, I wondered whether we would have enough time to "click". They both lived in London being super-creative in their jobs in the film/acting industry (yes - awesome) so it was hard for us to meet up. In fact I think I only met Rob one time before their wedding day (not counting a Skype meeting we had just before they booked), and I managed to sit down with Rachel and her Mum a few weeks before their wedding day. I needn't have worried though, because as soon as I arrived at Trust Salons to begin photographing the ladies getting ready, it felt like I'd walked into a room full of old friends. Rachel's family is American, so perhaps the famous American hospitality/positivity had something to do with it...but the morning went so quickly and before I knew it I was off to the tree pods to join the guys for some pre-ceremony photographs.

So without going into a huge amount of detail about all the quirky things that Rachel and Rob had at their wedding (I might be here a while!) let's just say that when it came to helping with the buttonholes, lego power rangers made for a much more fun alternative to the standard white roses! This pretty much formed the basis of the day, with the couples' friends bursting into song ahead of their hand-fasting ceremony (a tradition when leading the guests to the ceremony so I learned) and including "Go Go Power Rangers" and a very sweet song they'd made up just for Rachel and Rob! Add to this some couple shots with their "wedding weapons" (see photos!), a cake cutting sword and an amazing hand mould that Rachel and Rob made during their wedding breakfast (again - see photos otherwise I'm sure this makes no sense haha) and you get the most amazing day!

It was hard going squeezing in both a legal ceremony down on the boat AND a second hand-fasting blessing for their extra guests later in the afternoon (plus a BBQ, lawn games, some awesome speeches, street food, a beautiful cornfield photo session and shots around the farm - phew!) but I honestly wouldn't have asked for this day to go any differently. It was even worth the epic sunburn to the backs of my legs as we were right smack in the middle of that incredible heatwave at the end of June.

I'm back to Wootton Park for a double whammy this weekend - weddings on Friday and Sunday - and I am thoroughly looking forward to it :) Wootton Park is part of the Warwickshire Wedding Collective - a local group of small wedding businesses - check the collective out at

So, it's time for me to stop typing and just share some goes!

Rachel and Rob - just amazing! I loved working with you guys and I am SO coming down to London to gatecrash you soon! 

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Rachel and George's Book Theme Wedding

Gloucestershire is one of my favourite counties when it comes to photographing weddings. Cheltenham boasts some wonderful venues, and of course the Cotswolds just speaks for itself when it comes to scenery. So when Rachel and George booked me to cover their wedding in Leckhampton I was really excited. When we got together for their pre-wedding shoot Rachel and George brought along a few books, as this was to be a prominent theme throughout their wedding - they both love books and reading so this was their way of putting their personal stamp on the wedding day - what a lovely idea!

When I arrived at The Green Dragon Inn to photograph Rachel and her bridal party getting ready, it was to a super-chilled-out room with Rachel and her bridesmaids all well on their way to being glammed up! I incorporated the book theme with as many of the wedding details as I could which made for some lovely touches, particularly with the flowers and Rachel's jewellery. They'd even made a "thank you" book which made it into some pre shots, but played it's main role later in the day during the reception.

St Peter's Church in Leckhampton was the gorgeous location for Rachel and George's ceremony and the altar made for a great backdrop for group photographs when the rain made it clear that our "plan a" (in the gardens next door) wasn't going to work! Despite the rain everyone bravely piled out for some confetti fun and a bouquet throw, and we managed to get a few lovely shots in between showers.

Back to The Green Dragon for the reception, which was now decorated with paper cuttings, literary quotes, paper mobiles and lots of other quirky little touches which all came together so nicely. The order of the afternoon was speeches, food, a "mr and mrs" game on the decking, a few more photos (thankfully the sun was shining by now!) and then onto the evening reception, finishing off with some fairy light portraits! I had such a great time with this wonderful couple and they obviously mean the world to one another...thanks guys for inviting me to be a part of your day! 

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Gemma and Tom at The Mill Barns You know when you meet someone and you just click, and you know you're going to get one really really well? Well, that's what happened when I first sat down with Tom and Gemma for their wedding photography consultation with me. Instantly, Gemma's enthusiasm for the day really shone though and was super infectious and it was evident how much they adore each other...constantly making each other laugh (something that was a BIG part of their wedding day which was so lovely).

The Mill Barns is certainly a gorgeous venue...this wedding was my second time shooting here and I'm looking forward to many more! Gemma got ready downstairs in the bespoke made-for-purpose bridal dressing room. The bridal party were greeted with a very sweet gift and poem Tom had made for Gemma, which set the positive vibes off right from the beginning, and it was such a fun morning getting to know all of the ladies.

Tom met me on his arrival a little later in the morning, and we spent a little time shooting some laid back groom prep, after which I attempted to remember all of his groomsmen's names - there were quite a few! 

The venue was decorated beautifully...less is definitely more at this place and Gemma and Tom had got the perfect balance with their "Jam Jar Wedding" theme...all vintage pallets, ladders, chalk boards and bunting. The colours in the wedding breakfast room were fab and when the room came to life for the evening reception the fairy lights mixed with the bunting across the ceiling was so lovely!

Perhaps my favourite time of the day during Gemma and Tom's wedding was their couple shots. We had a couple of stints to break up the photographs and enable them to maximise their time with the guests, so an afternoon slot right after the group shots, and then a later session in the evening once the sun had dropped...I have never seen a couple laugh together like these guys do! It was almost like I wasn't there how comfortable they seemed (I take this as a huge compliment by the way - ensuring couples are at ease with me and in front of the camera is a huge part of how I work)!

Finish off with some sparklers...oh, and a quick bath in the bridal suite!

The photos really do speak for themselves as to how incredibly fun this day was, so I'll leave you with a few highlights of their wonderful day...

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Lucy & Matt at Redhouse Barn So this was the wedding I almost didn't shoot!

When Lucy and Matt first contacted me asking if I was available to shoot their wedding, I told them I would pass their enquiry on to a few photographer friends as I was fully booked for the year. However, every now and then I get a feeling I should (or shouldn't - less often!) do something and this was one of those times. So I went back to them and told them I would take the booking...and wow am I glad I did!

Redhouse Barn is up there in my top 5 favourite venues (and that's not only because of the absolutely amazing food I get from Morgan's Catering - I promise!) and I have LOVED every wedding I have shot there. This one was no exception; although I was only there for a half day coverage (5 hours) we packed so much in and had a great time. Lucy was pretty nervous about being in front of the camera, however the pre-wedding shoot (something I now include in all of my packages for this very reason) had put both her and Matt at ease somewhat so it was much less daunting on the day!

Lucy, her parents and her two sisters got ready in the beautiful bridal prep room at the venue, and after guests had arrived and been greeted by a very dapper looking groom, it was time for the ladies to venture down, through to the intimate ceremony in the barn with Lucy walked down the aisle by her Dad. The little pockets of light that find their way into the ceremony room at Redhouse Barn make great spotlights as the bridal party walk down the aisle, and afterwards, although we weren't blessed with blue skies and glorious sunshine, it was a lovely afternoon for group photos and some romantic couple shots in the gardens...

The reception room was beautifully decoarated, with the table theme being something my husband would have been impressed by; tables were named after famous motorsport tracks, complete with a little track map on the table name card! This, along with other little personal touches throughout the day, injected Lucy's and Matt's personalities into their wedding day and venue, making sure the day was full of fun and laughter!


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Becki & Oli at Wootton Park Returning to Wootton Park to shoot a wedding almost feels like going's the venue I spend most of my 'wedding photography time' at, being linked with the Warwickshire Wedding Collective that I am a member of (visit to see all of the wonderful suppliers in the group). This doesn't mean to say however that I shoot the same angles, ideas etc whenever I'm there. The venue has so many hidden gems where photography is concerned, it's easy to shoot ten weddings there in a year and them all be totally different. The thing I love about this venue is that they allow the brides and grooms to put their own stamp on things, and this is what Becki and Oli did with their slightly vintage themed wedding - making use of old pallets and wooden plinths for their venue decor. The farm buildings made a great backdrop for some of their couple shots to sit nicely with this rustic feel.

Back to the beginning though and it was a fab morning at Becki's home complete with parents, bridesmaids, flower girl, pageboy and their adorable little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - he had to feature in some photos of course! The gorgeous sunny morning allowed me to get creative in the garden with some of the details!

Arriving at Wootton Park, the sun still shone for some shots with Oli and his groomsmen and then throughout their beautiful lakeside ceremony which finished with the release of two of Wootton Park's white doves. Becki and Oli did not stop grinning all the way through their vows - something that clearly had an effect on the guests as everyone was so much fun and great to work with. After some chill time in the grounds - garden games, drinks, a few family photos - I managed to enjoy a nice hour in the sunshine whilst the wedding party dived into their afternoon tea (so yummy!) before the party fun began! 

I think Oli was quite happy to enjoy a few beers at this point, however I did prise him away for an extra ten minutes of evening shots as we had the most amazing sunset...something that Wootton Park is awesome for! Definitely worth a few shots...amazingly one of the images I took of Becki got me a Highly Commended award from the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (see first image below). Super chuffed!


Here's an overview of their amazing day...


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Jason & Charlotte's Cotswold Wedding at Hyde Barn On my drive down to Stow on the Wold the evening before Charlotte and Jason's wedding, the fog started rolling in so thick I could hardly see the bonnet of my car. By the morning, I could barely see my hand in front of my face...not ideal photography conditions! I have to say though, the Cotswolds looks amazing in the fog - I went out for an early morning walk before anyone else had risen to start the creative juices flowing and it was eerily beautiful and silent.

Thankfully, by the time I arrived at Hyde Barn - a venue I last shot at around 2 years ago and one I very much love - the weather had started to brighten and there was hope for some outdoor shots after all...although by this time I had started to gather some epic ideas in my head as to how we would use the fog to our advantage and get some super-cool moody shots. Ah well...I'm sure there will be ample opportunity for that throughout my career considering I'm based in the UK!

Charlotte, her Mum and her bridesmaids - all 6 of them! - were so lovely throughout the morning and the hair and makeup team did a fantastic job making all the ladies look stunning. Jason turned up a few hours later with his infectious smile and enthusiasm (literally I don't think I've ever met a groom who smiled as much as Jason did all day), along with his groomsmen in tow for some groom prep shots in the main house.

The ceremony was very sweet, with very few dry eyes in the room after the bride and groom had exchanged their personalised vows and been announced and husband and wife. I really get into the emotion of wedding days - the whole process of getting married means so much to me and I absolutely love being a part of my couples' ceremonies and being one of the first to congratulate them :)

Hyde Barn was decorated beautifully with Jason and Charlotte's vintage theme, fitting the venue perfectly...white and blue lace, bunting, fairy lights, wooden plinths for the table the most awesome cake table I think I have ever seen when it came to the wedding breakfast! We even managed to beat the weather - yay! - and make it into the gardens for some shots...although I'm sure a few of the ladies were cursing having to walk on the muddy grass in their stilettos...sorry girls!!

As always, a fantastic day in the Cotswolds...somewhere I wish I could spend much more time...and a very genuine, lovable and fun couple to make the day just perfect. Congratulations Mr and Mrs's a look at some of your best bits!


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