A few answers to any questions you might have...

Before you book...
Is it you that actually takes the photographs?
I usually work alone, and it is myself that you will be meeting and dealing with throughout - before, during and after your wedding. I do not outsource any element of the photography apart from album manufacture (editing, album design and photography itself is all done by me).
Is there any paperwork to sign?
I have a wedding contract the would be digitally signed by both of you, as well as myself. This helps all of us to know exactly what is included in your photography package.
Can we book a second photographer?
    Of course you can - there is an additional charge to cover the cost of any additional photographers, which would depend on how long during the wedding you would like more than one photographer. Usually, I can cover everything by myself, however some weddings, for example larger weddings or weddings with lots of different locations, can require an extra pair of hands.
What happens if you get ill?
Although I primarily work by myself, I have built up some fantastic contacts within the industry, so I am confident that I would have people to call upon in an emergency. It would take a lot to keep me from your wedding however, and it hasn't happened yet!
Is there a booking deposit?
I charge a non-refundable booking fee of £500 for the half day and full day coverage packages, or a £200 booking fee for the short and sweet package. This secures your date, along with a signed contract. The remaining balance is due 2 months before the wedding, and I can arrange a payment plan if you would prefer smaller payments in the lead up to your wedding.
How do we go about meeting you to decide if we want to book?
I offer free consultations with all of my potential wedding couples. This gives you a chance to meet and ask me any questions you may have before deciding, as well as giving you the opportunity to look through a selection of sample albums. There isn't any obligation to book from this meeting, so you have nothing to lose.
What happens if we book a certain package, but then want to amend things before the wedding?
Up until the balance is due 2 months before your day, you can amend anything to do with your booking. I will just amend the final balance and invoice you accordingly. For example, if you decided you wanted to add a pre-wedding session, or pre-book albums that you hadn't decided upon at the time of booking, you can absolutely do this. 
Do your prices include VAT?
As I am a small business, I do not meet the threshold for VAT registration. This means that I do not need to charge VAT for my services, therefore you don't have to pay any.
Do you have insurance?
Of course - this is extremely important for any business, and absolutely key in wedding photography. I am fully insured for both public liability and indemnity, so you can rest assured that any issues will be dealt with smoothly and efficiently.
On The Wedding Day...
I feel really nervous about being in front of the camera - what can you do to make me feel better?
Photography should be fun, and I do my best to make it so for all of my clients. A pre-wedding session is brilliant for wedding couples who are a little nervous. I often get feedback from clients who were apprehensive before their photoshoot who say how relaxed they actually felt on the day. I photography with a very non-invasive natural style, whilst keeping it fun for you and your guests, which usually takes away any nerves or awkwardness.
Can you photograph both the bride and groom getting ready?
Working alone, this isn't always possible. I prioritise the bridal preparations, and will spend around 2 hours with the bridal party in the morning. If the groom is getting ready in a nearby location (within 2 miles) there is usually time for me to head over there for a little while too and get some shots. I always aim to arrive at the ceremony venue 30 minutes before the bride, to give me time with the groom to get those last minute "getting ready" shots. Otherwise, there is always the option to add a second photographer to your booking.
Do you take any formal photographs?
  For most of the day, I work in the background documenting your day as it happened. Usually, couples want some formal group shots of their close friends and family. This is of course absolutely fine, however I like to keep this to a maximum of around 20-30 minutes, to give you time to enjoy your day without anything being too formal. I will ask you for a list of group shots you would like before your wedding day, so I know who to call on the day. It helps if ushers and bridesmaids can lend a hand with arranging people.
Are guests allowed to take photographs?
I wouldn't dream of stopping your guests from creating their own photographic memories of your day. All I ask is for them to let me take my shots first (in situations such as the cake cutting and the first dance) and then they are free to take what the please. Often, getting shots of your guests photographing you can make really good images!
Will we have some photographs of just the two of us around our venue?
I usually take the bride and groom off alone for 20-30 minutes. When this happens can depend on a lot of things - the weather, the bride and groom's mood, timings of the day etc. I always adapt to what the couple want to do, and how long they want to spend on these shots. It's a great opportunity for you to spend some quiet time together though, so make the most of it!
After Your Wedding...
How long does it take before we get our photos?
I upload images to your online gallery around 4-6 weeks after your wedding. The depends on the time of year - summer is busier so it can take a little longer. Images are uploaded in stages so you don't have to wait ages to receive everything. From this gallery, you can choose images for your album, prints and anything else you may like. You can also share the gallery with your guests so they can see the photos too.
Can guests purchase images from the online gallery?
Yes - a selection of print sizes, canvas and wall art products, and digital downloads can be purchased directly from your gallery. I can give out cards on the day to your guests so they know your gallery password, if you'd like me to, or you can share the password yourselves when you're ready.
How do we order our album?
I will visit you after the wedding with album samples so you can decided on your album size, colour and style. At this point, if you have pre-booked an album, you can choose any additions that you would like. If you haven't pre-booked, we just start from the beginning.
How long do you keep our images for?

 I never delete clients' images. They will stay on the online gallery for 12 months, after which time they will be archived permanently, so you will always be able to come back to me and order extras.