Has Covid-19 affected your Wedding Day? Read this...

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Yep, the word we have all come to dread and hate so much. The thing that has taken over our lives and engulfed our minds. The first thing we hear about as soon as we turn on the television, open up Facebook or make a call to our friends. Let's face it - it sucks!

A lot of us have resorted to humour to get through it. I don't know about you but my phone is currently full of things like this, sent to me by very bored and laughter-loving friends...I've got to admit they do make me giggle:



On a serious note, for me it's not just my daily home life that has been flipped upside down - it's that of my business and of course, those of all the lovely couples planning to get married this Spring and Summer. Some of my own couples have already postponed, whether off their own backs or due to government announcements (either way it's rubbish!). Others are quietly hopeful that their wedding will be able and safe to go ahead as planned.

A lot of brides, grooms and wedding suppliers are worried, confused and stressed right now. It's the uncertainty right? The not knowing. The hazy ever-changing timeline that we are being forced to depend upon.









There are a lot of you out there right now maybe concerned that, even though you REALLY want to get married this year, you might not be allowed to. Or, if you ARE allowed to, will all of your guests want to attend? Will social distancing still remain in place? Will it restrict guest numbers at weddings? These are questions that we cannot yet answer I'm afraid and you will all have your own feelings about whether reducing the number of guests at your wedding is right for you. Do you go ahead on your original date with a smaller number of friends and family members. Or do you hold off to a later date when everybody is more likely to make it in person? 

I can't answer this for you. But I can show you how beautiful a small, intimate wedding can be...



Kira and Sam booked me last year to photograph their wedding on 20th March 2020. Little did we know what would be happening on that date (in fact it was THE day that churches announced a maximum of 5 people at wedding ceremonies) and we spent some really fun times getting to know each other in the run up to the big day. 

Their engagement session, held at Hurcott Woods in Kidderminster, was full of laughter and I knew their wedding day would be the same. As a wedding photographer I love how I can really gel with my couples; get to know them, work out what they like, their hobbies, meet their families and their pets. All of this helps me to inject their personality into their wedding photographs and makes the journey to the wedding day (from both sides) super fun and relaxed.




So when Coronavirus started to become a threat to social gatherings, and to the safety and health of everyone we knew, it was a difficult decision to be made by Kira and Sam as to whether to go ahead. We had already had numerous conversations about what might happen (note here - communication is KEY with your wedding suppliers - we all want to help and work with you and will do whatever we can to make things work, so please please talk to us if you're worried).

Kira and Sam decided, before any government announcements were made, to postpone their full day wedding celebration, including their reception at Brockencote Hall in Kidderminster. Their remaining guest list for their church ceremony consisted of just immediate family (parents and siblings) and their two very best friends, who were best man and bridesmaid.



From the moment I arrived at the church, we forgot about everything that was going on in the world. This was about the two of them getting married. About them celebrating love, hope and happiness in the middle of a worldwide uncertainty. Despite the church not being full of people, despite having to use hand sanitizer as we entered the church, despite me having to keep a sensible distance from everyone, it actually didn't seem to matter at all.

Right then, just for an hour, life was good. Really really good. For Kira and Sam, they got to become husband and wife, something they had been waiting to do for a long time. For their guests, it was such a happy time watching them celebrate their love for one another. For me - well, for me it was just so good to be there to celebrate with them. It was a blissful hour of normality, hope and happiness.



So I guess what I am trying to say here is that

there is hope. Lots of it.

Right now, weddings cannot happen. That's the law and that's how it is. But, in the near future, that WILL change. If you feel the best plan of action for you is to postpone for a few months, maybe even a year, then do what is right for you. We certainly need to make sure we are keeping our loved ones safe and secure and that comes above all else.

However, if you're on the fence about going ahead with a small ceremony once social distancing guidelines are relaxed and it is safe to do so, take a look at a few more of the images below from Kira and Sam's ceremony. It can be done and it will be beautiful.

Keep safe. Stay positive. Laugh lots. Take some time out.

Much love xxx



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