Should you get a Wedding Album?

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Why do I need a Wedding Album?

Do they still have a place in today's digital world?


I get asked these question so often by my brides and grooms.

I mean, it's 2020. We live in a digital age. Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, WhatsApp, SnapChat filters, Instagram stories...the list is endless. The growing number of ways in which we can share our lives, our feelings and our memories with our family, friends, and (let's face it) people we don't even know, is eye watering. Frankly, it's amazing. But also a little scary at times.


Despite this, I still feel there is value in the printed form. The physical form. 

I read somewhere that the latest generations are the most advanced ever when it comes to technology. This makes perfect sense. However, here's the scary part - even though, technologically speaking, we are more clued up than ever, we are also the


Digitally, our faces are everywhere and they'll continue to pop up in Facebook Time Hops for years to come I'm sure.

But after that?

Then what?

Where will all the old family photo albums be? You know the ones you loved looking through with your grandparents when you were a kid? Those links to generations, family members you may never have even met, but that you are still able to learn about, picture and feel a tie to, through the power of the printed photograph. Those places you used to visit, that may now be changed forever, but that you can still picture as they were in your mind, helped by the memory jog of an old photo.


Below are a couple of photographs of my late Grandad, an amazing man who I love and miss very much. I love these photos - they show him when he was in his late twenties - my age now. There are albums full of these, that my Nan and Mum have kept over the years. I adore going through them and asking about different family members and places. If it weren't for these albums, I would have no record of my Grandad when he was younger and I'm so glad that I have these.


Of course, it's different now. Back then, there was no Facebook, no digital photography. People had to rely on film and print to preserve their dearest memories. It's easy now to just scroll back through timelines, digital photo albums and files saved on our phones and computers.

But, I dunno, for me anyway, it just doesn't have that same sense of magic.


And so to the point of this blog, before I start skipping down the wonders of memory lane and forget why I even sat down to write this...

You're getting married. The best, most important day of your life. You can't wait to get stuck into planning your wedding day to the love of your life. It's what you've dreamed of since you were little, maybe you were one of those girls who made a wedding wish list scrapbook when she was about 7 years old! 

You've set out your budget for your dress, flowers, venue, food, decorations, photographer...anything you can think of to make your day perfect.

So at this point, ask yourself: What's my budget for my wedding album?

I know not everyone will have a budget right there, but if you do, or you can get one, think about it. Maybe you can ask wedding guests to contribute a small amount to your album, rather than give gifts that you already own from years of living together. Your wedding album will be the remaining physical memory of the most special day of your life. It will be that link between generations, that family heirloom that can be passed around your children and their children, and their children. 


And the thing is, wedding albums are no longer those old fashioned tracing paper filled puffy leather covered books! You can have a gorgeous storybook filled with your memories and those special moments you want to keep forever and pass down.

Sure, you can save everything on your computer and look at them maybe once a year, or have an image pop up on Facebook Time Hop now and again.

If that works for you, then that's great!

But, for the reasons I explained earlier, wouldn't an album just make everything feel more special

Think about walking into an old bookstore, filled with special editions. Books worth hundreds, perhaps thousands of pounds. Compare this with a Kindle filled with throwaway stories. It;s the same thing, the same mentality. Your wedding album is a first edition. The only edition.

It's one of a kind.




So next time you go to visit your wedding photographer, or you see one at a wedding show with albums on the table, stop. Take a look. Think about your wedding story being told across those pages. Think about your children and your grandchildren touching those same pages for years to come.

The world is a fragile place, but our memories are unbreakable. Treasure them.






If you'd like to talk to me about my own range of wedding albums and how you can add one to your wedding package, I'd be delighted to show you some samples. There is a huge range of cover materials and colours to make your wedding album as unique as you.

I currently offer premium soft touch faux leather, acrylic, aluminium and engraved wood covers alongside a range of smaller copies for parents and family members and beautiful presentation boxes. A few samples shown above.

Click here to visit the albums page on my website.



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