Abi & Kieran at Chateau Impney

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Growing up relatively close to Droitwich, I used to pass the Chateau Impney every now and again in the back of my Mum's car and I remember thinking what a Fairytale place it was. To a child (and let's face it to quite a lot of adults as well) it just screams Disney Princess Castle right? Well, Abi grew up with the same ideas and always knew this was the place she wanted to get married...

I absolutely adored how excited Abi and Kieran were about this venue in the run up to their wedding day. I visited with them before the wedding to have a walk around and talk about what we would do photographically on the day. They also had their pre-wedding shoot in the grounds of the Chateau (above image) - a lovely preview into what it would be like having their wedding photographs in the beautiful gardens. 

On the morning of the wedding I arrived at the Chateau to photograph Abi and her bridal party getting ready. From the beginning there was a subtle Disney theme evident - nothing too obvious but a lovely hint at what Abi had always dreamed for her wedding day - and when she put on her dress, WOW! If anyone could look like a real life fairytale princess, Abi nailed it! Her dress was absolutely perfect for her, beautifully flattering and just the right amount of glam :)

I can't complete this blog without mentioning Abi and Kieran's wedding cake...it was possibly the tallest cake I have EVER seen! Abi had even handmade little lights to sit inside the tiers so it lit up during the evening...ok so the remote control for the lights went AWOL meaning I didn't actually get to see this, but the thought was there and lights or no lights it was absolutely fantastic!!

There was a specific place the Abi and Kieran asked me to take them for a photograph during their couple shots in the grounds of the Chateau...which turned out to be slightly problematic. Turns out the bridge in question is no longer accessible due to safety reasons so we couldn't get on to it. I knew how much they had set their hearts on this shot though, so I set up the camera on a tripod and got the long exposure shot of the gushing water that we'd had in mind. I then took a shot of the bride and groom stood on the lawns next to the stream and went to work after the wedding day on Photoshop to piece the two together and get them the image they wanted. When life gives you lemons and all that... :D

And finally, Abi and Kieran's first dance. Think up lights, vibrant colours and dry ice! There are just no words for how incredible this set up was...so instead here's a photograph, followed by a few more shots of this stunning wedding. Thanks for having me a long for the ride guys - it was truly a magical day and I'm sure you will live happily ever after xx






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